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The Sun of Tourism

The Africa Tourism Forum brings together the dynamics of the tourism sector for the first time in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt on 20 – 21 May 2024, with the aim of being the most productive professional tourism meeting in Africa.

ATF24Egypt, The Sun of African Tourism, is preparing to host tourism professionals from over 20 countries at Sharm El Sheikh International Congress Centre.

The Africa Tourism Forum is coming to strengthen the different markets and dynamics of the sector, to consolidate relations, and to support the development of individuals, institutions, organisations and destinations with new connections to be established.

ATF24Egypt, which will form the basis for the elite brands of the tourism sector to create their 2024 – 2025 plans, will bring movement and excitement to the sector as the first version of the Africa Tourism Fair, which will be the most productive tourism fair in Egypt and Africa.


The main economic benefit of tourism activities is that they contribute to three high-priority objectives of developing countries: income generation, employment and foreign exchange earnings. In this context, the tourism sector will play an important role as an engine of economic growth. The impact that this industry can have depends on the specific characteristics of each country at different stages of economic development. Given the diverse nature of tourism consumption, its economic impact is also widely felt in other productive sectors, leading to accelerated development goals in each of them.

The aim of the Africa Tourism Forum & Exhibition is to contribute to and synergize the tourism development objectives of the countries of the African continent.

GMT / General Management of Trade Show

GMT Fuarcılık, which has signed a brand new fair concept with a B2B theme exclusively for tourism professionals, started the ATF series in 2019 with Antalya Tourism Fair.

ATF, which aims to bring together national and international tourism professionals, investors and start-ups with the principle of “on-site marketing” in 2019, hosts one-on-one business meetings with over 20.000 professional attendees and 2.000 invited travel agencies every October.

As GMT Africa, we aim to emphasise the tourism potential of the main continent Africa with the Africa Tourism Forum and Fair, the second link of the ATF series.

The Africa Tourism Forum and Exhibition is designed to encourage tourism professionals to synergise the development of African tourism and its role in the global tourism sector.

The Africa Tourism Forum, which will be attended by government agencies, industry stakeholders and tourism professionals, will focus on Africa’s characteristics such as its young population and cultural diversity, and will bring sustainable growth strategies and business opportunities for African tourism to the information-sharing platform.


Egypt is home to the first civilisations and nations with a history of more than 7.000 years and has the largest population in North Africa as the leading tourism destination in Africa. With such a deep-rooted history and cultural heritage, Egypt will host the Africa Tourism Forum in Sharm El Sheik, inspired by its history and strategic location.

B2B Centre

Africa Tourism Forum ATF24Egypt, which set out in 2024 with the aim of bringing together national and international tourism professionals and investors, opinion leaders, tourism authorities, bureaucrats and ministries of African countries with the principle of “on-site marketing”, will host B2B business meetings with 1.000 invited travel agencies at the Africa Tourism Forum on 20 – 21 May for two days, full time, full rein, without taking a breath.

The Africa Tourism Forum, which aims to be the only organisation in the world where professionals from almost all markets related to African tourism are under the same roof, will be the last strategies for the 2024 season and the first thoughts and suggestions for the 2025 season.

At ATF24Egypt, major operators and agencies in the accommodation sector and the European, UK, CIS, Türkiye, Middle East, Balkan, Benelux and Baltic markets will have the opportunity to present themselves and develop their relationships.

Who Will Meet

The Africa Tourism Forum will bring together invited travel agents from 20 countries who produce guests for all world markets, the most effective tour operators in the source markets, accommodation providers who have become world brands with their quality of service, and companies that produce technology, services, information and skills for the tourism sector under the same roof.

ATF Workshops

Africa Tourism Forum ATF24Egypt will ‘bring tourism together’ with its sessions. Experts and leading brands in the field will share the past, present and future of the sector from the professional’s point of view with their projections and will shed light on the entire year of the Africa Tourism Forum 2024.


We believe that tourism industry professionals and stakeholders deserve to have fun after a very difficult season. We will do this with a magnificent party under the title ATFEgyptParties. We will say “Welcome!” to the 2024 summer season with the ATF-Party, which will be accompanied by magnificent dancers and surprises.