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How can I register for the Africa Tourism Forum?

You can register by visiting the official website of the Africa Tourism Forum and filling in the required information.

Who will participate in the Forum?

The Africa Tourism Forum is open to institutions, organizations, company entrepreneurs, investors, professionals and employees who are stakeholders in the tourism sector. Participating companies are leading companies that are aware of the importance of communication for development, leading and making a difference in the African and global tourism sector. Our visitors are investors and professionals from different specialties of the tourism sector.

Will there be B2B meetings?

On the second day of the Forum, there will be B2B meetings throughout the day.

What kind of opportunities will it provide for the promotion of my country and new customer potential?

B2B meetings at the Forum event, which will be attended only by tourism professionals, will provide the opportunity to expand your operator network and create new customer potential.

Can I find new partners to send domestic tourists from my country?

You will be able to find new partners in the organization of the Forum, which will take place with the participation of companies that shape world tourism.

Can I attract investors to my country?

The main economic advantage of tourism-related activities is that they contribute to three high-priority goals of developing countries. Income generation, employment and foreign exchange earnings, the tourism sector will play an important role in this context as a driver of economic growth.

Can you arrange transfers?

We can help if you send us your detailed requirements.

Is it free to attend the forum?

It is free of charge as only tourism professionals will participate.