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The Africa Tourism Forum brought together national and international tourism professionals and investors, opinion leaders, tourism authorities, bureaucrats and ministries of African countries with the principle of “on-site marketing”. 

It hosted full-time, full-throttle, breathless B2B business meetings with 2,000 invited travel agencies for two days.

On the second day of the Africa Tourism Forum, meetings took place in B2B spaces specially designed to bring together diverse participants from across the industry to collaborate and interact. 

Participants were allocated a total of 4028 m2 of B2B table space. Over 10,000 B2B meetings were held in these areas. As a result of these productive meetings, the B2B event and the fair organization received full marks from the participants. 

To participate in the Africa Tourism Fair, which will host much more spectacular, large and productive B2B meetings than this event, Mail: info@africatourismforum.com 

Telephone number: 0090 242 316 22 99 

Website: africatourismfair.com 

Contact us at their addresses and take your place in this great organization where distinguished tourism brands participate.